Are you leaving tax deductions on the table?

Has your search for an accountant left you unimpressed? Do you wish you could know for sure which accountant should be your top choice? Experienced CPA, Michelle Cornish, knows that the right accountant can increase your profits, save you money, and avoid any nasty surprises with the tax authorities. This book will teach you how to find an accountant who wants nothing more than your success.


In this book you'll discover

- Why DIY and software can sink your profit margins

- Where to find professionals you can trust

- How to evaluate every potential accountant to figure out if she’s “the one”

- The important differences between accountants and bookkeepers

- And much, much more!


In eBook and Paperback




An easy read on an overwhelming topic.

“Hiring people can be hard. Hiring people to do stuff you don't know how to do yourself is even harder.

One of our first hires as business owners is an accountant or a bookkeeper. We hire these people because it's work we can't do ourself, yet we know it needs to be done right.

Michelle Cornish breaks down the task of making a good accounting hire so that you don't have to be intimidated or frustrated by it.

This is a must read for all early stage entrepreneurs!”

— Brendan

I never knew how many different ways I could benefit from having a qualified accountant in my corner!

“This book is a great way to assess where you are in your business pursuits, whether you are the owner of a business, an employee, or self-employed. Michelle Cornish encourages you to ask questions, LOTS of questions, which kindles brainstorming and thinking outside the box. And the workbook is just fabulous. Thanks, Michelle!”

— K.K.L.

A gem of a resource from a CPA with a friendly, engaging, and well-organized writing style..

“I'd recommend this guide to all who are interested in keeping more of their money and who would rather learn how by reading something enjoyable (rather than dry and overly technical).”

— S.E.L


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