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Keep More Money

Keep More Money Tablet View.png

Keep More Money is an essential guidebook for your small business. If you like savvy advice, lesser known tips to boost your bottom line, and time-tested methods from an industry expert, then you’ll love this excellent resource from Michelle Cornish.

Murder Audit

Murder Audit - financial crime thriller

CPA student Cynthia Webber is about to realize all her career dreams until an incident during an audit of a high profile client changes her life forever. When the client’s CFO turns up dead, Cynthia finds herself at the top of the suspect list fighting to protect her family and her freedom.

Scruffy Muffin Loses His Money - Coming Soon! 

Scruffy Muffin Loses His Money - teaching kids about money!

Join this lovable dog and his animal friends as they search for Scruffy's money and learn some valuable lessons along the way. 



Praise for Keep More Money

“A dry subject made into a personable, interesting, extremely helpful book. I love that you can just flip around the book to the sections you need right now, instead of having to read it all in order. The author clearly knows her stuff and has organized the information in a way that it’s easy and quick to find what you want in the book. All the questions for each chapter are listed in a recap section at the end too. I found this book really helpful in working out what I wanted from an accountant and what I need to ask them. Highly recommend it!”