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Grab my ultimate guide to planning a novel!

Grab my ultimate guide to planning a novel!


Keep More Money


Keep More Money is an essential guidebook for your small business. If you like savvy advice, lesser known tips to boost your bottom line, and time-tested methods from an industry expert, then you’ll love this excellent resource from Michelle Cornish.

Murder Audit

Murder Audit - financial crime thriller

CPA student Cynthia Webber is about to realize all her career dreams until an incident during an audit of a high profile client changes her life forever. When the client’s CFO turns up dead, Cynthia finds herself at the top of the suspect list fighting to protect her family and her freedom.

Auditing Jane Doe - Summer 2019!

Picking up where Murder Audit left off, Cynthia is happy in her new job following paper trails to track down the bad guys. But when she’s asked to help on a missing persons case, not only is she feeling like she’s in way over her head, but she quickly learns things aren’t always as they seem.

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Praise for Murder Audit

“I love that this book has an accountant as the main character. I enjoy reading about smart, strong women, and the character of Cynthia was terrific -- relatable and down to earth. There were twists and turns that I didn't expect. The setting in Calgary was also unique and interesting. Fun read!”