The truth will set you free... Unless you’re Cynthia Webber.

Cynthia Webber is a CPA student and widow who lost her husband and love of her life in a tragic car accident several years ago. Left with a young son to provide for on her own, Cynthia continued to pursue her career in the auditing department of Darlington & Associates (D&A).

But when Cynthia discovers Jim Dunn’s body during the routine audit of D&A’s most prestigious and controversial client, Prairie Pipeline Co. (PPC), her whole world is turned upside down. She finds her career and life threatened when Senior Partner David Jerew turns up unexpectedly at her son’s daycare posing as her brother and threatening her not to talk about what she found. When Cynthia ignores David’s threats and goes to the police, she finds herself alone and locked out of D&A.

Cynthia turns to her best friend, investigative reporter Linda Reeves, to help her uncover David’s true motivation and get her life back just as a well-known environmental activist is found murdered on PPC property.

Will Cynthia and Linda find out who is targeting PPC and stop David before it’s too late?

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Here’s what readers are saying…

I just couldn’t put this down!
Just passed it along to my husband to read, and that self-proclaimed non-reader is actively reading it, even on Football Sunday!!!
— E. Gibbons
In her debut novel, author Michelle Cornish brings a brilliant twist to the thriller genre. We’ve all read stories about determined detectives, intrepid reporters, and un-corruptable lawyers hunting down clues and solving crimes, but by introducing us to Cynthia Webber, an accounting student, Cornish brings a brilliant and yet believable new style of protagonist into the fold. I’m no fan of numbers or accounting, yet I loved every minute of Cynthia’s investigation, which starts with money and numbers, but ends in blood and violence! The novel is set amidst the oil pipeline controversy of Western Canada, where the shadowy figures of corporate greed clash with radical environmentalists who will stop at nothing to protect mother nature. The question of who is right and who is wrong is soon replaced by the much more gripping question of who will live and who will die! Murder Audit is a fantastic novel with a brilliant new style of herione. Move over lawyers... it’s time for accountants to take center stage!
— K. Johns