I'm passionate about writing and I love to teach and entertain although I'm not sure how entertaining people find me. It's hard to be entertaining when you're talking about business and money (two of the most serious things around) but I still try. I have a great sense of humour (maybe a little too sarcastic sometimes).

Spending time with family is super important to me. Life's too short!

I have two amazing sons who love Lego and ninjas...and TV (sigh)!! We read a ton of storybooks to make up for the TV thing. One of the best ways to explain things is through stories of course.

If it was up to me, I'd have chips and dip for dinner every night with a super dark chocolate bar to round out the meal...and maybe an apple! It's a good thing I've got kids and a husband. They keep me responsible (and healthy).


Boys June 2016.jpg